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Past and present representatives

If you know someone who is active in the arts in Menifee and would like to nominate them, please contact us with your recommendation.

Powell, Shezwae - Jan 2020.jpg

Shezwae Powell has been enriching the local creative culture for years as a director and educator. It is for her service to the community and her dedication to her craft that Arts Council Menifee is pleased to name her as its Artist of the Month for January 2020.

Artist of the Month - January 2020


Hancock, Lorena - Nov 2019a.jpg

Lorena was born and raised in Mexico where she became an educator and well-versed in Mexican folklore, or Folklorico.  Her passion for Ballet Folklorico and Mexican tradition has enriched the hearts of many and has added to the cultural diversity of the cities in which she teaches. Arts Council Menifee is proud to name her as November's Artist of the Month. 

Artist of the Month - November 2019


Snow, Chelsea 3 - Oct 2019

A young artist, who has achieved more in her fourteen years than many people could ever dream to achieve in a lifetime, Chelsea Snow, has been an enriching addition to Menifee's artistic community. It is for her commitment to her craft that we are proud to name her as October's Artist of the Month. 

Artist of the Month - October 2019


Kylene Evans

At only fifteen years old, Kylene has built her musical talents and expanded her personal range on a scale that many would be happy to achieve over the course of an entire lifetime She has performed at several events for Arts Council Menifee and never fails to impress.  It is for her outstanding achievements in music and her giving spirit that Arts Council Menifee is proud to name her as the Artist of the Month for the month of September. 

Artist of the Month - September 2019


Deborah Irish - Aug 2019

Deborah is a Menifee based artist that has been painting her entire life.  She has been active in the community and is a member of the National Association for Female Executives and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  In recognition of her artistic achievements and in celebration of her community involvement, Arts Council Menifee is proud to name Deborah Irish as August’s Artist of the Month. 

Artist of the Month - August 2019


Neil Winter

It has been nearly a year since the passing of Neil Winter, Menifee's third mayor since its incorporation in 2008. He was actively involved in community events including many of those organized by Arts Council Menifee. His support of ACM proves that one doesn't have to wield a paint brush or play an instrument to help enrich Menifee's artistic community. It is with great joy to name former mayor, Neil Winter as Arts Ambassador of the month.

Arts Ambassador of the Month - May 2019


Steve Kennedy - April 2019

Dr. Kennedy has been an avid supporter of Arts Council Menifee since coming to the area and currently is the immediate past president of The Rotary Club of Menifee. Dr. Kennedy is also a founding board member of The Boys and Girls Club of Menifee, an organization that he still devotes much of his time and energy to. His advocacy for the arts is also very visible in many of the programs that the organization offers today.

Arts Ambassador of the Month - April 2019


Colleen Ackerman

It is for Colleen Ackerman’s commitment to furthering the arts, her passion to help others, her desire to spread joy and gratitude, and the resulting countless contributions to the community, that Arts Council Menifee is pleased to name her as March’s Ambassador of the Month.

Arts Ambassador of the Month - March 2019


Feb 2019 Loretta-Beckwith-Art

Her art has helped to enrich Menifee's artistic community for years and shows no sign of slowing down. Her constant dedication to her craft has earned her February's Artist of the Month.

Artist of the Month - February 2019


John Denve

Longtime Menifee City Council member and former mayor, John Denver has continued to be a constant support of the arts in Menifee.

Arts Ambassador of the Month - October 2018