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Artist of the Month - April 2023

Written by Sheryl A. Stradling

Sabino’s passion is music. He began playing guitar when he was 11 years old. He started with lessons and continued to teach himself through listening to records and occasionally studying books. He’s been playing with bands and other musicians since 1970. He played mostly rock music in the beginning, but started attending nightclub blues-night jams in the early 90’s. Shortly after that, he was hired by some established bands. 

His music career took a turn in 1994 when he found his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. At that time, he considered giving up playing guitar altogether, but was guided to continue playing. He says the Lord told him, “I gave you this gift – use it for my glory.” Since then, God has been his inspiration, and he has been part of church worship teams leading congregations in praise and worship music, and also in small house churches where Christians gather for church services in someone’s home. 

Born in Fullerton, Sabino grew up in Placentia. He, his wife and family have lived in Murrieta since 2002. Recently retired as of November last year, he was a land surveyor since 1978. 

Although not a member of ACM, Sabino appreciates the opportunity to participate in August Summer Nights and Art Under the Stars, and is grateful that ACM members Chris and Mary Carnes and Bill and Julie Zimmerman invited him to share his music.

 Arts Council Menifee is pleased to recognize Sabino Flores as Artist of the Month for April 2023.

Sabino was selected because of his participation in the August Summer Nights series as well as in Art Under the Stars and his overall support for sharing music wherever he goes.

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