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Artist of the Month - August 2022

Written By Victor Ortiz Jr.
Arts Council Menifee

Above photo by Victor Ortiz Jr. painting created in 2017 by Saqueen Ghimire using both acrylic and snow on canvas, which now hangs at the home she shares with both her parents in Menifee, California. Photo by Victor Ortiz Jr.

Arts Council Menifee has chosen Saqueen Ghimire as their designated Artist of the Month for August, 2022. Ghimire is a young local talent that has goals that include being a successful singer/songwriter and visual artist.

Saqueen Ghimire began development and training in her talent from a very early age and aspires to grow into a mainstream singer. Possessing enthusiasm and radiant energy, Ghimire, a student at Menifee Valley Middle School, began her artistic journey at the age of two with the support of both her mother and father.

The 12-year-old singer and painter has performed in several talent shows both in Virginia and California, including three separate appearances at Menifee’s Got Talent. She recently performed at ACM's Arts Showcase at the Countryside Marketplace in Menifee, where Ghimire currently resides.

Ghimire not only sings, but has the ability to paint as well, which is a talent she receives mostly from her father's side of the family. Ghimire explained that her father can sing, but prefers to paint and that her paternal grandfather was a dance teacher and an actor. Some of Ghimire's paintings can be seen at the Menifee Art and Boutique in Sun City, where she sometimes joins her father who is a volunteer there.

”I love music. I love painting. I love everything about art, but I like singing the most. I feel like it has more feelings in it. I prefer it,” said Ghimire during an interview in May when asked if she had a preference for singing or painting.

Ghimire mentioned that she would like to make music her career choice and enjoys listening and singing to celebrity recording artists Rhianna and Adele, hoping to one day find similar success.
“Music just makes me feel. I want my audience to feel my emotions. I want them to feel the same exact thing I am feeling on stage when I sing,” Ghimire said.

Currently, she takes vocal lessons and has additionally taken it upon herself in speaking to her school counselor to be more involved in arts electives that offer dramatics and musical theater.

Ghimire would like to one day learn to play the piano so that she can write her own songs and produce her own music. She is devoted to her dream of being a successful artist, both as a performer and a visual artist.

Arts Council Menifee is happy to honor Saqueen Ghimire for her talent and amazing dedication to perfecting her skills and is grateful for her enthusiasm and willingness to participate in ACM activities. Congratulations, Saqueen Ghimire!

Menifee Art and Boutique is located at 26830 Cherry Hills Blvd. Menifee, CA 92586

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