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Artist of the Month - June 2024

Written by Tony Reverdito

Bob Karwin began his music career in 1990, playing to high energy crowds in the Irish pubs of Boston. He quickly made a name for himself in Beantown by being able to tame an unruly crowd using only his guitar and a microphone. In 1993,
Bob packed up his Jeep and moved to sunny San Diego. His blend of humor and thoughtful song writing struck a chord with Southern Californians earning him honors as Temecula Valley Acoustic Artist of the Year and Trop Rock Music Association Entertainer of the Year. He has released 9 albums of original music and plays live on beaches from coast to coast. Most recently, Bob performed at Menifee’s Got Talent and has become a resident emcee and auctioneer because of his theatrical voice.

There are many layers to Bob Karwin outside of the music industry. He is a District One City Council member and a personal injury lawyer. Rewind, as previously mentioned, Bob grew up around Boston, and while working in the music industry,
he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Boston College. From there, he moved from Boston to San Diego where he later earned a law degree from the
University of San Diego. Circa 2001, Bob and his wife, Janissa moved to Menifee. Since then, they have raised two incredible children, James (23) and Olivia (20), who have until recently lived their whole lives in Menifee.

In 2006, after working
as a trial attorney in Los Angeles for almost ten years, he opened his own office in Menifee and has had the opportunity to represent hundreds of Menifee residents
who have had their lives changed due to an injury.
From 2015 until his election to City Council in 2020, he served on Menifee's Planning Commission, with three consecutive years as Chairman. Bob is a committed fiscal conservative and vows to make sure the city’s resources are used only for the best interest of its citizens. He is also a big supporter of local law enforcement. Working locally has given him the time to serve as a volunteer to the youth in Menifee. Many know him as the “Voice of the Wildcats,” P.A. announcer for Paloma football and girls’ volleyball. He has also coached both boys
and girls basketball, baseball/softball, and soccer.

Tony on the Town recently caught up with Bob Karwin to get more insight on his life journey.

1. When did you first learn that you had an aptitude for music and singing?

I wasn't really any good at it until I was in my 30's Before that, I enjoyed playing music and writing songs, but it took me that long for everything to come together.

2. You have released 9 albums of original music, what would you say is your

We call it "trop rock." It started with Jimmy Buffett's songs about escaping too far
away tropical places. There is a whole movement now of artists who are carrying
that torch
Can you share the names of those albums?
A Little Something for Everyone
Proper Attire
Sand Dollar Millionaire
Life on Lotus Street
Nowhere to Hide
Parakeet Island (trop rock children's songs)
Sorry, I've Been Busy
Reinventing the Wheel
The Miles Between
If you were to pick a favorite song that you wrote, what is the title? And what is
it about?
Any time I try to pick a favorite anything, it changes with my mood. But, I think my
newest single, "Sequel" currently holds the top spot. When it comes to song
writing, your newest one should always be your best. That's the effect of
experience and progression. "Sequel" is about when your life story hits a dead
end, so you gather the friends and loved ones you've collected over the years and
start a new story.
How does a music artist wind up becoming a personal injury lawyer?
I know many lawyers who are in bands, or, at the very least, play music. There is a
lot of crossover in the skill sets. Besides, putting on a trial is similar in a lot of ways
to performing on a music stage.

What on earth compelled you to get involved in politics and run for City
I love my city. When the seat in my district opened up, I thought that I could
either be someone who complains about problems or I could stand up and put
myself in a position to solve problems. It has been more rewarding than I could
have ever imagined.
Circling back to your music, you are a local legend, which local event is your
favorite to perform at and why?
I wish we had more local events and music venues for local performers. I really
enjoyed performing for the Arts Council Friday night music series. It felt like a real
community gathering.
Can you share your ultimate dream with your music?
I would love for one of my songs to be used in a movie. It would also be a thrill for
a major artist to record one of my songs and have a hit with it. I am well past the
days of trying to grind it out on the road to "get famous." Leave that to the next
generation. I'm just happy sitting on a beach somewhere strumming my guitar in
the sun.
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