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Artist of the Month - March 2016

Arts Council Menifee

Arts council Menifee paid tribute to the late Chuck Fisher, for years a local artist, during its “Colors of Autumn” Fall Art Gallery and Show” October 2, 2016.

The display of artwork by local artists was highlighted by the works of Fisher, who died May 23. Fisher, who produced many beautiful paintings, was honored as Artist of the Month along with his daughter, photographer Tiffany O’Malley, in March. O’Malley and her mother, Bobbi Fisher, are highly active in Arts Council Menifee.

The gallery is open to the public at the Kay Ceniceros Center, where many works of talented Menifee artists have been displayed. The program included the dedication of original artwork created by Fisher.

One of the works of photography by O’Malley is a framed photo titled “Beloved” which hung on the wall in front of Chuck’s room. An entire room at the event was devoted to Fisher’s paintings, including his easel, paints and brushes and the last painting he was working on.

Fisher’s fascination with art began in 1995. Soon after he retired, he began watching a television art show with the well-known artist, Bob Ross. The pallet knife was the instrument of choice when Chuck began painting with oils.

Once he learned the basics of painting landscapes, Fisher practiced until he reached perfection in his own eyes. He was quite the discriminating critic of each and every attempt he made in art. There were many canvases tossed away but there were many more that made him proud of what he was accomplishing as a self-taught artist.

Oils were the beginning of his adventure in art. Over the next many years, he grew as an artist in leaps and bounds.

After his mastery of oils, he transitioned into acrylics and watercolors. He had success in mastering both of those techniques as well.

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