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GOLDEN Acrylics: Goody Bag Project
March 19

Contact Kathleen Crain to sign-up 951-303-4757

Golden Acrylics.jpg
Seiler, Nancy.jpg

Nancy Seiler, a Golden working Artist will be demonstrating the art of GOLDEN acrylics for us at the Visual Arts meeting on March 19, 1:30-3:30 pm. This is a free product demo, including Golden samples.

If there is enough interest after the meeting, she will conduct a 2-hour workshop. Students will need to bring their own brushes, palette knife, flat palette, water container, paper towels and 10x10 panel.

This workshop will cover the four viscosities of paints, gels and pastes and how to make your own "gold leaf" to incorporate a collage element.

Cost for this step-by-step instruction and all GOLDEN materials is $30 per person.

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