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GOLDEN Acrylics: Goody Bag Project
March 19

Contact Kathleen Crain for more information 951-303-4757

Golden Acrylics.jpg
Seiler, Nancy.jpg

Nancy Seiler called to inform us that Golden has cancelled all events for their representatives until May.

Since Nancy lives in Montana during most of the year, she will not be back until next year.  We will have to wait for our workshops until that time. 

On a positive note, all the Golden samples were shipped to me last month - there are presently 4 boxes in my entry.  Nancy contacted Golden and they are giving us the samples!!  So, I will put together a presentation using the samples we have been given for the regular workshop, and hand them out at a future meeting.

For the Goodie Bag workshop, We will be returning checks/money to you.  Those supplies are in the 4th box, we will check them out and see if we can give the workshop at a later date.


At this time, our March 19 meeting is also cancelled.  So, please ART ON, and we will hopefully meet in April. 

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